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Parish Room 100 Club Results 2021

It costs £1 a month to be a member and all 'profits' go towards the running of the Parish Room. As I'm sure everyone will appreciate at the moment without letting income the Parish Room is struggling to cover costs. If you would like to join please contact Jon 01743 709236

2021 Winners

January 2021 February March April

1st No. 76 Mr Tony Marchant

1st No. 46 Mr Brian Smith

1st No. 50 Mrs Beth Chambers

1st No. 48 Mr Geoff Simmonds

2nd No. 22 Mr Chris Roscoe

2nd No. 11 Mrs Helen Thomas

2nd No. 67 Mrs Kath Neville

2nd No. 39 Mr Sean Barnes

3rd No. 66 Mr & Mrs Prater

3rd No. 86 Mrs & Mrs Willmore

3rd No. 89 Mr Ron Lucas

3rd No. 23 Mr Nick Williams

4th No. 29 Mr Pete Wright

4th No. 62 Mrs Janet Cruise

4th No. 59 Mrs Gaynor Maxwell

4th No. 103 Mrs Val Nolan

5th No. 43 Mrs Marion Hillaby

5th No. 80 Mrs Massie Jones

5th No. 40 Mrs Denise Roscoe

5th No. 9 Mrs Mel Jones

May June July August

1st No. 35 Mr Jon Scutt

1st No. 84 Mr Peter Littlewood

1st No. 91 Mrs Suzanne Ball

2nd No. 102 Mrs Lucy Ford

2nd No. 75 Mr & Mrs Beamon

2nd No. 54 Angela & Rob Law

3rd No. 43 Mrs Marion Hillaby

3rd No. 2 Mrs Lisa Miller

3rd No. 93 Mr Alan Williams

4th No. 62 Mrs Janet Cruise

4th No. 60 Mr Phil Heath

4th No. 96 Mrs Lesley Stone

5th No. 6 Mrs Pam Smith

5th No. 48 Mr Geoff Simmonds

5th No. 20 Mrs Lisa Grey