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Councillors & Contact Information

Councillors Address Contact

Phil Heath


4 Caernarvon Lane, Withington, SY4 4PX

M: 07789 915323

T: 01743 709430

Neil Maxwell


Smithy House, Withington, SY4 4Q

T: 01743 709333

Lesley Stone

Compliance Officer & LJC Representative

Villa Farm, Withington, SY4 4PU

T: 01743 709105

Martin Timmis

Vice Chairman

Arbutus Haven, Withington, SY4 4QB

M: 07951 098662

T: 01743 510236

Alan Williams


4 Woodlands Close, Withington, SY4 4PJ

M: 07739 694723

T: 01743 709282

Shropshire Councillor - Tern

Lezley Picton

Newmans Hall, Eaton Mascott, SY5 6HE


Denise Roscoe

Brookside, Withington, SY4 4PU

T: 01743 709603

 Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

To view the Parish Councillors register of interests click here


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